Get All Skyrim Books…on Your Kindle?

Skyrim has all but consumed the natural world with the amount of things to do. Some people beat dungeons using only corpses, others start brawls over cabbage, heck some people even break into houses to increase their book collection.

One gamer actually got tired of having to pay the local guards a bounty for his midnight indiscretions and decided he’d pull the books of Skyrim into the real world and he wants to share. has figured out how these books of lore are stored in the game and has sorted them, created covers and tables of contents and has them all available for you to download onto you kindle or e-reader of choice. Simply click here to download these as either a MOBI or an EPUB file, load them up onto your e-reader and now you never have to worry about leaving the world of Skyrim again.

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Phillip Price

My name is Phillip Price and I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. I learned how to drive by playing video games. I've learned how to read maps playing video games. I've learned how to dance playing video games. Now I'm watching my kids learn from video games.

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