XBLA Super Meat Boy gets price cut and DLC

Super Meat Boy gained a certain amount of notoriety when it released almost a year ago as being hard as hell. It was a flawlessly controlling nightmare of spinning saw blades and meat-seeking missiles that bought a mighty challenge to gamers on the XBLA platform. Well, if getting 100% on Super Meat Boy was even possible for you then perhaps you’d like to grab some more fiendish levels to conquer? Or perhaps you missed the Meat Boy party last year and would appreciate a chance to grab the game for cheap? Well thanks to Team Meat and Microsoft’s renewed relationship, you can!

Team Meat had a bit of a fall out with Microsoft a couple of months back and accused the corporation of not doing enough to support their game at release. Luckily, the studio have put the animosity behind them. Edmund McMillan, one half of Team Meat wrote: “It’s a new year and we are putting the past behind us and all agreeing to do what is best for SMB and the fans.”

In celebration of Meat Boy’s first birthday, there’s going to be sale at an as of yet unannounced time during November – also known as Super Meat Month – as well as give-aways and contests on the developers twitter feed.

Also in celebration of the anniversary Team Meat will be releasing more levels via the games ‘Teh Internets’ portal.

Sounds like a pretty neat deal for a pretty cool game. I toiled for hours to get 100% in Super Meat Boy and the idea of a slew of new levels to challenge me? Bring it on Dr. Fetus!

Source: Team Meat Development Blog

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