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If you’re playing the single player campaign of Resistance 3, you will instantly know it will not be a walk in the park. Thanks to the re-introduction of the classic health bar system, there’s a chance you will be on low health and with absolutely no hope of winning a fire fight.

If you find yourself struggling to play Resistance 3 or are an FPS noob, don’t worry as Just Push Start is here to help you out.

Here are some general tips and tricks players can use to overcome Resistance 3’s menancing single player campaign mode.

Don’t Run-And-Gun

As aformemtioned, there’s a life bar system in Resistance 3 and no health regeneration whatsoever the first time you play the game. This means players who are used to this feature included in many other recently released video games will have to rethink their old strategies if they want to be able to survive the Chimeran onslaught. If you’re the type of player that loves to sprint ahead and fire at anything you see ala Rambo, you will die instantly as the Chimera are accurate shots and will kill you.

The A.I. in Resistance 3 isn’t dumb so its pays to move around and shoot from a safe distance most of the time to avoid getting shot. Unlike in other games, the A.I. is smart when it comes to its shot accuracy – they are almost as accurate as real-life players even on the “Casual” difficulty. It pays not to stay in one spot as the Chimera love to advance forward when they see an opportunity to completely surround and kill you. Moving around and trying to find higher ground is the best way to ensure you won’t get shot all the time. It’s a strategy that should be employed no matter what difficulty you play Resistance 3.

Look out for health packs

Heatlh packs are littered throughout the entire game and shouldn’t be too hard to miss. They are green and have the same luminosity as Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in Return of the Jedi. Star Wars fans will know the type of bright green I’m talking about. If there’s a chance on any level you have a chance for a breather, take the time to thoroughly search the vicinity. Look around on the ground or tables that might have health packs lying around. You shouldn’t just run away and get to the next waypoint all the time or you might miss out on some crucial health packs!

The (more dangerous place) to look out for heath packs are on the enemies themselves. Some of the Chimeran soldiers have the heath packs attached on the side of their bodies. Make sure to kill these guys instantly so they will drop the health pack for you to consume.

Don’t be stingy with your ammo

Don’t be afraid to use all your ammo on the enemies in Resistance 3. This isn’t the type of game you will need to “save” ammo for later. This is because you can hold more than only two weapons at one time. Not only this but you can grab ammo from various parts of any level in Resistance 3 much like the health packs. Even when there’s a boss, the game is kind enough to supply you with the right ammo and weapon to destroy that boss!

Keep Lookng At Your Journals

Whenever you get a new weapon or enemmy journal, take the time to actually read it. New weapon journals tell you what each weapon can do an its effectiveness it will have on enemies. It also tells you what the primary and secondary fire for each weapon is too. We will write a specific wepaons guide later on Resistance 3 so stay tuned for that later this week.

Reading the enemy journals is even more crucial. The journals provide you with information on the enemies’ weaknesses and even the best wepaon to use against them. Whenever you encounter a new boss in Resistance 3, a new journal should be unlocked for you to view which will therefore show you information on the best weapon to use against the boss. I did this throughout the entire game and it helped me a lot. Even on non-boss enemies, take the time to read the journals – they are a lifesaver.

Call in a friend

If you’re really struggling to complete the single-player campaign in Resistance 3, you can always call a friend in to help you out on those really sticky situations. There’s the option to play the game via old-school co-op splitscreen, or online too…

For first time Resistance players, playing the campaign in co-op is a good way to feel how the game plays. It’s also a great way to get through the levels so you can play them again with ease in single player once you know what to do.

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