God of War: Origins Creator Working On New IP

And it’s an original one, too! In this day and age, developers should be encouraged to work on new and original intellectual properties. The creators are notable for the portable God of War games and a port of Okami for the Wii.

Okay, so they’re not notable for a whole lot other than ports, but original ideas should be encouraged!

Ready At Dawn Studios have just uploaded a job listing for a new technical artist to work on said IP.

While not much has been revealed, we will be updating on details as they come along!

And be sure to congratulate Ready At Dawn on their courage to release something original. Until it turns out to be a Bodycount knock-off.

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Wil Taylor

My name is Wil Taylor, an ex-rabid Nintendo fanboy until only a few years ago, a crazy man in a crazy hat showed me that games could be much more than Mario. I buckled up tight and gripped my respective controllers and decided that I was going to come up along-side the new wave of gaming and focus on the interactive mediums. Because seriously, how often does humanity discover an entirely new medium for art? Also, blowing up things is neat too. My favorite games are Bastion, Portal, BlazBlue, Street Fighter, Super Meat Boy and Saints Row.

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  1. Frank MIller
    October 7, 2011, 10:01 PM

    To be clear, Ready At Dawn has not done any “ports” other than Okami – their other games were all original productions using existing Sony IPs.

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