Duke Nukem: Critical Mass Gets NA Release Date

In April, Europe saw the release of Duke Nukem: Critical Mass. Today, Apogee Software announced that gamers located in North America will be able to play Duke’s debut on the DS on May 25. Get ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum on the go!

Here’s what you can expect:

9 Chapter containing 27 missions plus extra Jet Pack and Boss Battle levels (36 in total) Bosses to battle in every chapter

5 different styles of gameplay: Side-Scroll, Third Person/ Cover Fire, Sniper Mode, Jet Pack Mode and Boss Battle Mode

15 different types of weapons

Multiple and secret ways to achieve in-game points. Many babes to rescue!

Cinematic real time rendered cut scenes between levels

This is very short notice given that the game is coming out next week, but I’m sure no one’s seeing this as a bad thing. Will you be picking up Duke’s portable adventure?


Game features courtesy of Gamestop

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Josh Garibay

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