Five Games for Five Dollars.

If your a gamer who lives on a budget it can be hard to go out every month and spend sixty dollars on a new video game. With Xbox Live Indie Games you can purchase games as low as eighty Microsoft points(one dollar). There a million to choose from so it can be hard to find a game that is actually fun for just one dollar. The games listed are worth more than the asking price of admission and feature gameplay that is engaging.

Shoot 1UP

Most shoot em’ ups feature one ship at a time but this game lets you have an armada! You can collect up to thirty ships in order to to unleash your power. The game also features branching paths and achievements to keep the game exciting. You can also bring in a friend for some amazing two player action.


When you think of sandbox games you usually find yourself roaming around cities but a universe. In Solar you play a sun trying to build planets around you by collecting space mass. You start off off but you can go all the way to a black hole. If building a solar system is not your thing you can simply just mess around with the game by crashing in to everything. This game is just an infinite sandbox universe that is waiting to be played!

Hypership Out of Control

Your classic 8-bit ship has lost its breaks and theres no way to stop. Dodging asteriods, blocks, space mines is just in a days work. You can play the game as easy as you want on normal mode or take the challenge to the next level. Hardcore mode features one life,super speed puts no limit on the top speed, but if that is to hard you can always enter practice mode. This game features four player co-op so don’t forget to bring your friends!

Apple Jack

Don’t let the apple on his head fool you, Apple Jack can platform with the best of them. Beautifully drawn worlds have you throwing panda’s, washing machines and little space men at each other. You strive to achieve higher scores by getting multipliers which are achieved by killing enemies in a row. Journey through five counties and 100 levels of pure fun.

Square Off

I had the honor of interviewing gnomic studios about their indie hit. This game has everything you want aliens, gun, and explosives! For the price of a dollar you get four player co-op, and four player death-match mode. Did I mention the squares are just more than deadly there also adorable. This is a must have for anyone looking to kill the alien horde or to just blow their friends up.

Five Games for Five Dollars., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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