Dead Rising 2 DLC Racking Up Money On eBay

Dead Rising 2 DLC has already started to appear on eBay. Ranging from a few dollars the Ninja Downloadable Pack has started to rack up large prices in both bid and buy it now formats.

One dead Rising 2 Sports Fan Skills Downloadable Pack code currently stands at a whooping $26 with hours left. To put it into context the full game with roughly the same time stands at $40 under double the DLC price.

Are you one of the bidders or do you believe the price is just too high for the downloadable content?

Dead Rising 2 DLC Racking Up Money On eBay, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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Oliver East

UK Editor + Full Time Gamer
  • jamie

    capcom need to put these on XBL and PSN rather then force fans to pay these prices. especially when they can be making money, it just doesnt make sence

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  • b

    What are the difference between the pre-order bonuses versus the free dlc on the Xbox Live Marketplace?

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  • R

    Hey B, if you are still wondering the DLC on xbox live is only so you can play co-op with others who have the actuall pacs. Capcom is set to start putting the DLC on xbox live one per week starting with the ninja pac until they are all out

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