Should Old Acquaintance Be (Half) Forgot?


Three … two … one! Happy Half Year!
Well, 2010 is just about half way behind us now (or, if you’re an optimist, half way ahead of us). Either way, why not make a half-resolution to try out some new downloadable games?

This week Jett Rocket zooms onto the WiiWare™ service to thwart the plans of the awesomely named Power Plant Posse. Meanwhile Richard, the true King of England, is absent from his throne, his country rages in chaos. England has been invaded, and enemies burn and destroy local towns and villages. Help Robin to defeat the villains and restore peace in this shooting game, Robin Hood: The Return of Richard.

The Nintendo 64™ classic Mario Tennis™ on the Virtual Console™ service reminds tennis fans that most matches last less than 11 hours.

And Maestro! Green Groove on the Nintendo DSiWare™ service lets you become a virtuoso, as everything you do in the game becomes music.

Games this week include:
Jett Rocket
Pong Toss Pro – Frat Party Games
Robin Hood: The Return of Richard

Virtual Console:
Mario Tennis

Nintendo DSiWare:
Maestro! Green Groove
Date or Ditch
Animal Color Cross
Ancient Tribe
Brain Drain
Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects – Revenge

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