K-ON!! After School Live Goes… Live In September

Do you like rhythm games? Do you like anime styled schoolgirls? Do you have the money to waste on importing Japanese only PSP games? Then you’re sure to be happy to hear that the Sony PlayStation Portable rhythm game based on the popular anime K-ON! shall be hitting Japanese shelves, and indeed import sites, in September.

K-ON! After School Live!! is a rhythm music game that sees the player pressing the PSP’s various face buttons along to a music track, generally one from the anime series, in a similar style to Rock Band Unplugged. Five friends, that’s one for each band member, can play the game together in local wireless multi-player modes.

K-ON! After School Live!! will be released in the Land of the Rising Sun on September 30 2010 and will cost ¥6090, which is roughly $67.

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Gabriel Magill

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