Be a Master Sharpshooter in Red Dead Redemption

Being a Master Survivalist is not the only requirement that you have to do to unlock the Legend of the West Outfit and obtain that 100% completion; you have to become a Master Sharpshooter as well.

There are a total of ten levels that must be achieved to become a Master Sharpshooter. In order to gain a level in Sharpshooting skill, a player must shoot certain things. Use John Marston’s Dead Eye Ability to make shooting a lot easier. Remember to bring items that replenish the Dead Eye meter as you will need it.

In this guide, we will tell you as to how to be the Master Sharpshooter.


How to Start: To start the journey in becoming a Master Sharpshooter, you must kill a flying bird.

Level 1: Shoot and Kill 5 Flying Birds
Level 2: Shoot and Kill 5 Rabbits
Level 3: Kill 5 Coyotes without them inflicting damage on you.
Level 4: Kill 5 Flying Birds while on a moving train
Level 5: Kill any of the two different types of animals while using 1 Dead Eye meter.
Level 6: Shoot the hats of the two people that you see.
Level 7: Kill 3 Bears while doing a headshot
Level 8: Shoot the hats of the two people that you see and disarm another two people.
Level 9: Kill any of the six animals in the wild without reloading or changing weapons.
Tip: Make sure that your weapon is full. The best gun to use is the Revolver.
Level 10: Disarm six enemies without the need of reloading or changing weapons.

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