GTA V, New Legend Of Zelda and Saints Row 3 on Deck for E3 2010

The new decade is barely upon us and the internet is already buzzing about E3 2010, which is scheduled for June 15-17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Even though some of the most highly anticipated sequels drop in January and February (Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction), there’s still plenty to talk about.  Here’s the most noteworthy news as of yet.

Grand Theft Auto V?

Jesse Divinich, a man who apparently works for a company that represents Rockstar Games and Take-Two, made an offhand comment about the possibility of a new installment of the Grand Theft Auto series being revealed at E3 2010.  Divinich told Game Informer magazine, “I think we’re going to hear about another Grand Theft Auto.  I think there won’t be any playable. I think they’ll give you some type of teaser, because we do think that a year from then in 2011 we’re going to see another Grand Theft Auto.”

Saints Row 3 will be “crazy”

That’s what Danny Bilson, THQ’s head of core gaming, thinks of the mechanics of Saints Row 3.  It’s been widely known that the Saints Row series was written as a trilogy, and the game’s third installment was announced in April of 2009 (along with Red Faction 4).  Bilson was recently excitedly talking to Game Informer magazine about the progress they would indeed show at this year’s E3.

New Zelda for Wii using Motion Plus

Director Eiji Aonuma let some details about the new Zelda for the Wii slip to Official Nintendo Magazine recently, stating, “You may be under the impression that we are still only in the early stages of development – [but] in fact we are well into the making of the game…”  The latest game is also expected to support Wii Motion Plus, making the possibilities pretty intense (read: you’ll be sore from shooting your bow and arrow).  More importantly, Aonuma also said that Nintendo hopes to show something playable by E3 2010.

With three major franchises talking sequels, Major Nelson telling Inside Gaming that “Microsoft’s E3 announcements will be f****** unbelievable”, and an expo finally coming back into its own, there’s no telling what’s in store this year.  It’s like Christmas… half the fun is contemplating what might be under the tree.

5 thoughts on “GTA V, New Legend Of Zelda and Saints Row 3 on Deck for E3 2010

  1. Cool, Id like to see some footage and more info on the new Legend of Zelda game.
    Also COD7! I know, kind of nooby series But I really want to see what this new Call of Duty has to offer. *Didn’t care for MW2 at all!*

  2. there is no freaking way R* are going to release GTAV next year.
    i think people are forgetting their working on LA NOIRE, AGENT, bully 2.
    there not that big a development studio they cant work on 10 games at once.
    and GTA is always developed by R* north and there working on AGENT, thats not due out till next year and i cant see them working on both that and GTAV.
    also remember GTA titles are normally a few years apart and R* take their time making there games, and they ALWAYS create a few spin offs before going the full increment.
    i cant see GTAV coming out till agent is done and released, once its released give them a year minimum than ill believe GTAV is releasing close to then.
    till then i cant see it coming out any time soon, and i cant see them announcing it either.
    there not square enix.
    they announce a game or 2 than release them, unlike SE announce 10 games than tease another 2 than release 1.
    the amount of crap coming out of waddas mouth would produce enough methane to power the worlds cars for a century!

  3. At this year’s E3 i’m hoping to hear more about The Agent and L.A. Noire. Also firm release dates should be given for MGS: Rising, The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

  4. gta v that would be awesome and saints row three would be twisted cause whats gonna happen to stilwater but neither one will come out 4 awhile

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