Divinity II: Ego Draconis – Main Quest List

Divinity II: Eco of Draconis was released last Tuesday in North America and many fans are wondering how many main quests are there before they can complete the game. Us here at Just Push Start managed to acquire the complete main quest list of the game and we are surprised that there are more than twenty quest that you must undergo through as a Dragon Slayer.

Remember, these are only main quests. There are tons of side quest and as of right now, we are unable to list them. Let’s take a look on the complete list:


– The Farglow Connection
– Chasing the Dragon
– To Lay a Ghost to Rest
– Looking for Lovis
– Paper Trail
– Dragon No More
– Hall of Echoes Bound
– The Prophecy
– Candles in the Wind
– The Second Coming
– Breaking an Entry
– What’s in a Name?
– Laiken in his Lair
– Hall of Echoes Bound – Revelation
– Hall of Echoes Bound – X Marks the Spot
– Reaping the Seeds
– Hall of Echoes Bound- Lock and Key
– Hall of Echoes Bound – Come to No Harm
(Note: There are bunch of quest in these part. After the Hall of Echoes, you’re done with the main quests)

Good luck Dragon Slayer! Check back for our review later this week.

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