Mario Most Iconic Gaming Character in Europe

A recent poll conducted by YouGov all across Europe revealed that Mario, one of the gaming business’ most iconic figures and Nintendo’s primary mascot, was proclaimed the most popular gaming icon in Europe, beating off Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, and even the over-rated Pikachu!

It’s not much of a surprise to be quite honest. The recent release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and it’s amazing sales show that Mario is still a force to be reckoned with in the video game market. Even though he was first created over twenty years ago and still enters into dazzlingly brilliant games such as the revolutionary Super Mario Galaxy and the hilarious Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story.

Whilst Mario is not my favourite video game character, he sits high among the top spots. Some of his games were among the very first I ever played, and he’ll always hold a very close place to my heart. So, who is your favourite video game character