Metroid Prime Series not finished yet!

According to Nintendo representative Kensuke Tanabe, who oversaw the creation of Retro Studios’ award winning series, the much praised Metroid Prime series may continue, even though it has been re-released and branded as Metroid Prime Trilogy, suggesting that it would only be 3 games long, including the side-game Metroid Prime Hunters. This coupled with the fact that Metroid Other M will be released next year meant that many Prime fans had thought the first person series had come to an end.

When question on whether another Metroid could be heading to Nintendo’s DS, Tanabe said…

We are always planning to make new games in the Metroid Prime series. Depending on the timing and the situation, we cannot deny the possibility of realising it on DS or DSi.

Metroid Prime fans should keep their eye open for any news to come!