Bayonetta Hands-On Impression

One of the most anticipated games of 2010 is Sega’s Bayonetta, and luckily we have played the game and we are here to bring you our hands-on impression of the first two chapters. From the screenshots and trailers you have seen, you might assume that it plays like Devil May Cry. If you are a big fan of the Devil May Cry series, you will forget about Dante and become obsessed with Bayonetta.

Set to release in January 2010 in both North America and Europe, Bayonetta is looking to be one of the best games first quarter games. With that said, let’s take a look of the main highlights of the game:


– Without telling you much of the story, you are Bayonetta, a Witch. You’ve lost your memories and are on a quest to get your powers and memories back. There is much more but we are going to keep our hands-on impression to a minimum, look for more details in our full review in the comings weeks.

– The combo system is awesome. There’s more to it than just pushing random buttons. Bayonetta is a mix of action adventure with a little fighting on the side. There are a lot of combos to discover and the more you perform the better a score you rack up, earning medals at the end of the chapter.

– Expect to hear awesome tunes. Bayonetta features some great in game music.

– Bayonetta is one sexy beast. Yes, I might sound weird, but for gamers that are men, one of the things they will notice about this game is Bayonetta herself. She sure knows how to flirt! Aside from flirting, she knows how to fight!

– When you fill up the magic gauge, you are able to perform a special attack that can instantly kill the enemy. One of the Bayonetta’s special skills is torture.

– The game is chapter based and you can replay any chapter as soon as you finish it.

Our Thoughts?

Bayonetta is great, maybe even better than Devil May Cry. Since this is just a preview, we cannot say a lot about this game. We will reveal more secrets and information on Bayonetta in the coming weeks.

Bayonetta is an action game that will be released on the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 on January 5, 2010 in North America.