Post-GamesCom Microsoft Conference Impression; Fable III Is That it?

The rumor about the PS3 Slim was finally been confirmed at yesterday Sony press conference in Cologne, and a lot of things were said to enhance the Playstation gameplay. When Microsoft presents their keynote for this year’s event, will they be able impress its audience more than Sony?

Sorry guys, no XBOX 360 Slim, and no “exciting” features coming to XBOX Live… just Fable… Is that it?

Fable 2 Pay Per Play…. and Fable III… Done…

The whole press conference was consumed with Peter Molyneux discussing the upcoming Fable 2 pay per play that is be set to release this September and Fable III coming out next year. Well, Fable 2 is indeed a great game and it sure to be a hit on the Pay Per Play service, but… Fable III already?

The idea of Fable 2 pay per play is indeed great but if you are going to play the game, why would you rather buy it per episode when you can just get it on retail disc? You’re getting a physical item rather than DLC which consumes your monthly bandwidth limit!

The announcement of Fable III is not surprising. But seeing as Peter is so proud of his work, the whole conference focused only Fable and nothing else. The only thing that was revealed as Fable III coming out next year and that in the game  you will be  one of many heroes out to save new Albion. It’s been said that you will change Albions future… Are you going to become a King?


Overall, Microsoft’s Press Conference was not that exciting. If you are a Fable fan, then this was probably a pretty exciting event to watch. As for everyone else, you may want to go ahead and move on with your life as if nothing happened, though I’m sure most of you already have.