Parimatch India: A Gateway to Comprehensive Online Betting

In the dynamic world of online betting, Parimatch India emerges as a robust platform, inviting enthusiasts to a vast arena of sports betting and casino games. Operated by Castianes B.V., a company that prides itself on its registration and establishment in Curacao (reg. number 159965), Parimatch stands on a strong legal foundation. Located at Emancipatie Boulevard Dominico F. “Don” Martina 31, Willemstad, the company is fully authorized to conduct internet gaming operations under the Master Gaming License #5536/JAZ. This certification not only underscores the legality of Parimatch but also assures users of a secure and regulated environment to engage in their favorite betting activities.

In addition to its operational base, Parimatch’s financial transactions are streamlined by INSAILER HOLDINGS LTD, acting as a Payment Agent. With its Registered Number 430842 and office located at Dionysou, 8 Apostolos Antreas, 3065, Limassol, Cyprus, the payment agent facilitates smooth and secure transactions for users, further enhancing the reliability and user experience of the Parimatch betting platform.

As Parimatch continues to carve its niche in the Indian online betting market, it offers an extensive range of betting options, from popular sports like cricket and football to an immersive casino experience. This introduction aims to provide a glimpse into the world of Parimatch India, highlighting its legal standing, operational integrity, and the comprehensive betting experience it offers to Indian enthusiasts.

Parimatch India Sign Up 

To sign up at Parimatch India, follow these simplified steps:

  1. Visit Parimatch India’s Website: Go to the official site and click on “Sign Up.”
  2. Fill the Form: Provide your name, email, and create a password.
  3. Add Your Phone Number: Enter a valid phone number for verification.
  4. Verify via SMS: Enter the code sent to your phone to verify your account.
  5. Agree to Terms: Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  6. Complete Registration: Click “Register” to finalize the account creation.
  7. Deposit and Bet: Fund your account using available payment methods, then start betting.

Remember, ensure all provided information is accurate to avoid future verification issues.

Login Options

For logging into Parimatch India, you have three convenient options:

  • Phone Number: Use your registered mobile number along with your password to log in.
  • Account Number: If you have your unique account number, you can use this along with your password to access your account.
  • E-mail: Alternatively, use your registered email address and password to log in.

Choose the method that suits you best for easy and secure access to your Parimatch account.

Bonuses and Promotions

Parimatch India offers a variety of bonuses and promotions tailored to both new and existing players, ensuring a rewarding betting and gaming experience:

  • Casino Welcome Bonus: New players can enjoy a generous 150% bonus up to 105,000 INR, enhancing their initial deposit and giving them a significant boost to start their casino adventure.
  • Sport Welcome Bonus: Sports betting enthusiasts can take advantage of a 250% bonus plus a 150 INR free bet, offering a great way to kickstart their sports betting journey on Parimatch.
  • Regular Promotions: Besides these welcome offers, Parimatch India provides a range of regular promotions designed to keep the gaming experience exciting and rewarding. These may include reload bonuses, cashback offers, free spins, and special event-related promotions.

Parimatch Live Events

Parimatch India offers an extensive range of live events across various sports, catering to the diverse interests of its users. Here’s an overview of the live sports and events you can enjoy on Parimatch:

  • Cricket: Experience the thrill of live cricket matches, including domestic and international tournaments.
  • Horse Racing: Bet on live horse racing events from around the globe.
  • Kabaddi: Follow and bet on live Kabaddi matches, a sport that’s gaining popularity rapidly.
  • Football: Dive into the action with live football games, covering leagues and competitions worldwide.
  • Badminton: Watch and bet on live badminton matches featuring top players and events.
  • Basketball: Enjoy live basketball games, including NBA matches and international leagues.
  • Tennis: Get in on the live action from the tennis world, covering ATP, WTA, and Grand Slam tournaments.
  • Table Tennis: Bet on fast-paced live table tennis matches.
  • E-Sports: Engage with the growing world of e-sports, betting on live matches across popular games.
  • Volleyball: Follow and bet on live volleyball matches, including international tournaments.
  • Ice Hockey: Experience the excitement of live ice hockey games from leagues around the world.
  • UFC: Get closer to the Octagon with live UFC fights and betting options.
  • Handball: Bet on live handball matches, covering national and international events.
  • Beach Volleyball: Enjoy the dynamic action of live beach volleyball games.
  • Boxing: Follow and bet on live boxing matches, featuring top fighters.
  • Futsal: Engage with the fast-paced world of live futsal matches.
  • American Football: Dive into live NFL and other American football games.
  • Motor Sports Racing: Experience the thrill of live motor sports racing events.
  • Australian Football: Follow and bet on live Australian football league matches.
  • Baseball: Enjoy America’s pastime with live baseball games.
  • Beach Football: Get into the action with live beach football matches.
  • Chess: Engage with the strategic world of live chess tournaments.
  • Curling: Follow and bet on live curling events.
  • Darts: Enjoy the precision and excitement of live darts competitions.
  • Floorball: Bet on fast-paced live floorball matches.
  • Snooker: Follow the skillful game of live snooker matches.
  • Politics: Engage with live betting on political events and outcomes.
  • Rugby: Dive into the action with live rugby matches, both league and union.
  • Water Polo: Experience the intensity of live water polo matches.
  • Squash: Follow and bet on live squash matches.
  • Entertainments: Bet on live events from the world of entertainment.

Virtual Sports

Parimatch India enhances the betting experience by offering a robust selection of virtual sports, a perfect solution for those who love the excitement of betting combined with the immediacy of computer-generated outcomes. These events run around the clock, ensuring non-stop action for all users. The platform partners with leading providers like Kiron, Betrader, and Programatic Play to deliver high-quality and engaging virtual sports content. Here’s a closer look at the types of virtual sports available on Parimatch:

  • Horse Racing: Dive into the world of virtual horse racing with offerings like Virtual Horses Kiron, Steeplechase, and Flat Horse Racing. These games simulate the thrill of horse racing, with different formats for all types of racing fans.
  • Football: For football enthusiasts, virtual options include Penalty Shootout, Fantastic League Football, Asian Cup, and Euro Cup. These games replicate the excitement of football matches and tournaments, allowing users to bet on the outcomes of these fast-paced events.
  • Basketball: Virtual basketball games offer the chance to engage with the sport in a condensed, action-packed format, perfect for quick betting and results.
  • Tennis: Virtual tennis provides a rapid succession of matches with outcomes based on sophisticated algorithms, offering tennis fans a way to enjoy their favorite sport at any time.
  • Greyhounds Racing: Experience the excitement of greyhound races virtually. Bet on the fastest dog as they race to the finish line in a digital format.
  • Other Games: Beyond the traditional sports, Parimatch India offers a variety of other virtual games, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences.

Virtual sports on Parimatch provide a seamless betting experience with quick outcomes, making it an attractive option for those looking for constant action. With realistic graphics and sound effects, these virtual events offer a fun and immersive way to engage in sports betting, regardless of the real-world sports calendar.


Parimatch India offers an expansive selection of slot games from a diverse array of game developers, catering to a wide range of preferences and play styles. With offerings from over 60 game providers, including industry giants and niche studios, Parimatch ensures a rich and varied slots experience. Here’s a glimpse into the variety of providers and the breadth of their offerings:

  • Amusnet: With 201 slot games, they offer a mix of classic and modern slots.
  • 3 Oaks: Provides 83 innovative slot games.
  • Spinomenal: A massive library of 481 slots, known for their engaging themes and mechanics.
  • Pragmatic Play: Offers 388 high-quality slot games with diverse themes and features.
  • Fired Up Games: A newer provider with 14 unique slot offerings.
  • Playson: Brings 80 beautifully designed slots to the table.
  • Onlyplay: Known for 66 instant win and unique slot games.
  • PGSoft: Delivers 13 mobile-optimized, story-driven slots.
  • TopSpin: A smaller collection of 16 high-quality slot games.
  • Netgaming: Provides 41 slots, each with a unique gaming experience.

This list merely scratches the surface, with providers like KA Gaming offering a staggering 575 slots, Red Tiger with 298 games, and many others contributing to a total that spans thousands of slots. From classic fruit machines to the latest video slots with intricate narratives and innovative features like cascading reels, expanding wilds, and multiple bonus rounds, Parimatch India is a treasure trove for slot enthusiasts.

Live Casino

Parimatch India’s live casino section offers an immersive gaming experience with a wide array of live dealer games that cater to both traditional and modern preferences. Here’s an overview of what players can expect:

Live Roulette

The roulette offerings include several variations like XL Roulette, LIVE Roulette, and Galaxy Roulette, with betting ranges accommodating all types of players, from casual enthusiasts to high rollers.

Game Shows

Game shows like Lightning Roulette, Treasure Island, and Crazy Coin Flip combine traditional casino elements with engaging, television-style entertainment, offering players unique and interactive gaming experiences.

Live Casino Games in Hindi

For Hindi-speaking players, Parimatch offers games like Parimatch Hindi BJ, Hindi Roulette, and Teen Patti, ensuring a comfortable and immersive experience in the native language.

Andar Bahar

A variety of Andar Bahar games are available from providers like Ezugi and Pragmatic Play, allowing players to enjoy this classic Indian game with modern live casino technology.

Other Games

Other live dealer games include Cricket War, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo, providing a rich selection of options beyond the classic casino table games.


Blackjack variations like Gravity Blackjack, ONE Blackjack, and Infinite Blackjack offer different rules and betting options, ensuring that blackjack enthusiasts have plenty of choices.


Baccarat games include Speed Baccarat A, No Commission Baccarat, and Lightning Baccarat, catering to players looking for fast-paced action or more electrifying versions of this classic game.


Poker fans can enjoy games like Three Card Poker, Bet on Teen Patti, and the traditional Teen Patti, blending classic poker excitement with the cultural richness of Indian card games.

Parimatch India’s live casino segment is designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging gaming experience, mirroring the thrill of playing in a physical casino from the comfort of your home.

Tv games

Parimatch India’s TV Games section offers a diverse range of games from top providers, including Betgames, TVBET, and Atmosfera, designed to cater to various interests and preferences. Here’s a closer look at the offerings:


  • War of Bets: A card game where players bet on outcomes related to the winning hand.
  • Dice Duel: A simple dice game offering quick rounds and straightforward betting options.
  • Speedy 7: Players predict the color of the next card, aiming for quick wins.
  • Wheel of Fortune: A classic game where bets are placed on where the wheel will stop.
  • 6+ Poker: A stripped-down version of poker with fewer cards for faster gameplay.
  • Bet-on-Poker: Live poker game where players bet on the outcomes of poker hands.
  • Lucky 7, 5, 6: Lottery-style games where players bet on the numbers drawn.
  • Baccarat: The classic card game adapted for quick, live TV gaming.
  • Classic Roulette: Traditional roulette game for fans of classic casino action.
  • Instant Lucky 7: A faster version of Lucky 7 for instant results.
  • Football Grid: A unique game combining lottery elements with football.
  • Classic Wheel: Another wheel-based game offering simple yet exciting betting options.


  • Roulette & Fast Keno: Fast-paced versions of classic casino games for quick entertainment.
  • Lucky6, 1Bet, Keno, 7Bet, 5Bet: Lottery and number games with various betting options.
  • War of Elements: A unique game where elements battle it out, and players bet on outcomes.
  • Poker & Wheelbet: Adaptations of classic poker and wheel games for TV game format.
  • Blackjack: The classic card game, offering players the chance to beat the dealer in a live format.


  • Music Wheel: A wheel game with a musical twist, offering an entertaining visual and audio experience.
  • Keno: A traditional number-drawing game that provides a simple, engaging way to win.

TV Games at Parimatch India blend traditional casino experiences with innovative formats and quick-play rules, ensuring that there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of card games, lottery-style draws, or classic casino table games.

Instant Games

Parimatch India offers an extensive collection of Instant Games, providing players with a quick and exhilarating gaming experience. Here’s a breakdown of the top categories and games available:

Top Games

  • JetX, Aviator, CricketX: Engaging games where players bet on an increasing multiplier before the game “crashes” or “flies away.”
  • Aviatrix, Magnify Man, Mines: Diverse gameplay experiences, from navigating flights to uncovering safe paths in minefields.
  • Boxes, Plinko, Wheel: Games based on chance with straightforward, entertaining mechanics.
  • Spin Strike, Cricket Crash, Vortex: Unique titles that mix strategy and luck for an immersive gaming experience.
  • PariMan, Penalty Shoot Out, CrashX: From superhero adventures to sports-themed games, offering various ways to win.

Crash Games

  • JetX, Aviatrix, Cricket Crash: Focus on predicting when to cash out before the game ends abruptly.
  • CricketX, PariMan, Aero: Each game offers a twist on the crash game concept, providing excitement with each round.
  • Helicopter X, Skyward, Triple Cash or Crash: Additional variations that test players’ timing and nerve.
  • Rocketon, Skyliner, Balloon: Explore different themes and mechanics within the crash game genre.
  • SpaceXY, F777 Fighter, Need for X: Sci-fi and aviation-themed games that add to the crash game excitement.

Action Games

  • Lucky Tanks, Air Combat 1942, Fish Hunter: Action-packed games that require skill and precision.
  • Golden Dragon, Space Cat, Javelin X: Engage in battles, space adventures, or spear-throwing challenges for quick wins.


  • Minesweeper XY, Coin Miner, Mine Field: Navigate through minefields to uncover prizes without triggering the mines.
  • Plinko, Turbo Mines, Mining Madness: Additional variations on the minesweeper theme, offering different levels of excitement and strategy.
  • Goal, Fruit Towers, Towers: Mix strategy and luck to climb towers or score goals without hitting obstacles.
  • Patrick’s Magic Field, Lucky Yuanbao, Mines: Cultural and thematic twists on the classic minesweeper game.
  • Bayraktar, Sweet Miner, Muscle Tussle: From military-themed games to sweet adventures and strength challenges.

Parimatch India’s Instant Games section is designed to cater to various interests, offering everything from high-adrenaline crash games to strategic minesweeper challenges. Whether you’re looking for a quick entertainment fix or a chance to test your timing and strategy, there’s something for every player.


  • 24/7 Live Chat: Accessible around the clock, the live chat feature allows you to instantly connect with a customer support representative for assistance with any query or issue.
  • FAQs: The comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section covers a wide range of topics, providing quick answers to common queries about account management, betting rules, and more.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Parimatch India supports a variety of banking and payment methods, catering to the convenience of its users across the country:

  • Bank Transfers: HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, SBI, ICICI Bank, YES Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Digital Wallets and Payment Systems: UPI, PayTM, PhonePe
  • Credit and Debit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, RuPay
  • Cryptocurrency: Offers a modern method for deposits and withdrawals, enhancing privacy and speed.
  • Cash: A traditional, straightforward method for transactions.

Withdrawal Time

Withdrawal times can vary based on the chosen method, with digital wallets typically offering the quickest withdrawal times. Users are encouraged to refer to specific timeframes provided in the withdrawal section of their account or consult customer support for detailed information.


For users seeking to take a break from gaming, Parimatch India provides a self-exclusion facility. By visiting the self-exclusion page (, users can find information on how to temporarily suspend their account. This feature is part of Parimatch’s commitment to responsible gambling and helping users manage their gaming behavior effectively.

Parimatch App

The Parimatch app provides a seamless and intuitive betting experience right at your fingertips, available for both iOS and Android users. With the app, you can enjoy all the features of Parimatch, from live betting to casino games, no matter where you are. Here’s where you can download the Parimatch app for your device:

iOS Users

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can download the Parimatch app directly from the Apple App Store. It offers a user-friendly interface, quick access to a wide range of sports events, casino games, and live betting options. Get the app here: Parimatch Sports Bet & Casino on the App Store.

Android Users

For those with Android devices, the Parimatch app is available through Google Play Store. The app provides a comprehensive betting experience, including sports betting markets, casino slots, live dealer games, and much more. Download the app here: Parimatch on Google Play Store.

FAQs on Parimatch

What is Parimatch?

Parimatch is an international sports betting and casino platform offering a wide range of betting options, including live sports events, casino games, and virtual sports. It operates under a Curacao license, ensuring a safe and regulated betting environment.

How to Delete Parimatch Account?

To delete your Parimatch account, you need to contact customer support through live chat or email. Provide them with your account details and reason for deletion, and they’ll guide you through the process.

How to Withdraw Money from Parimatch in India?

To withdraw money, log into your account, go to the ‘Wallet’ section, select ‘Withdrawal’, choose your preferred withdrawal method, enter the amount, and confirm the transaction. Parimatch supports various payment options in India, including UPI, bank transfer, and e-wallets.

How to Download Parimatch App?

You can download the Parimatch app from the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices. Use the links provided or search for Parimatch in the respective app store.

What is Wager in Parimatch?

A wager in Parimatch refers to the betting requirement that needs to be met before you can withdraw winnings from bonus money. It indicates the amount of money you need to bet to convert your bonus into withdrawable cash.

How to Bet on Parimatch?

To place a bet, log into your account, select the sport or event you want to bet on, choose the market, enter your stake in the bet slip, and confirm your bet.

How to Use Bonus in Parimatch?

You can use your bonus by fulfilling the wagering requirements specified in the bonus terms and conditions. This usually involves betting the bonus amount a certain number of times on eligible games or events.

Parimatch vs 10Cric: Which Casino Site Offers Better?

Both Parimatch and 10Cric offer a comprehensive range of casino and sports betting options. The choice between them depends on personal preference, such as the types of games offered, bonus terms, user experience, and payment methods.

How to Get Bonus in Parimatch?

New users can get a bonus by signing up and making their first deposit, meeting the criteria of the welcome offer. Regular promotions and bonuses are also available for existing users, which can be found in the ‘Promotions’ section.

How to Contact Parimatch Customer Care?

You can contact Parimatch customer care through 24/7 live chat, email, or by consulting the FAQ section for common queries.

How Much Time Does Parimatch Withdrawal Take?

Withdrawal times vary depending on the chosen method, ranging from instant for some e-wallets to a few business days for bank transfers.

How to Deposit on Parimatch?

To deposit, log into your account, visit the ‘Wallet’ or ‘Deposit’ section, select your preferred deposit method, enter the amount, and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

What is Cashout in Parimatch?

Cashout is a feature that allows you to settle a bet before the event has finished, giving you control to take a return on your bet before the outcome is decided.

How Does Parimatch Work?

Parimatch operates as an online betting platform where users can place bets on various sports events, participate in live casino games, and play slots. Users need to create an account, deposit funds, and then they can start betting or playing casino games according to the rules and odds provided by Parimatch.