WizKids’ Orc Warband Video Review

WizKids recently released this pack of pre-painted Orc miniatures, enough to form a warband of sorts! Let’s crack open the box, spin them round and see if it is a set that is worth picking up!

An excerpt from our written review can be found below, but for now enjoy our video review.

Unlike the blind booster boxes, which some of the Icons of the Realms sets come in, the Orc Warband comes in a clear plastic fronted box. This means you know exactly what you’re getting with this set, no randomness and no variations from one box to the next. You can see the included 8 unique orc miniatures, with the only way to get multiple of any specific miniature being to buy a second set.

Like the previous Warband sets this orc set isn’t designed to be stored in the packaging. The clear plastic front lets dungeon masters see exactly what they are getting their hands on. It does a relatively good job at protecting the minis. However, a huge chunk of the packaging is just empty space for air. This is done so it stands out on the shelf but combine this with the way you need to rip open the packaging to get into it and the plastic packaging goes straight into the recycling after unboxing – so you’ll have to store the minis a different way.

Each of these sets are useful for dungeon masters to have, and the Orc Warband is no different. It allows the DM to have pre-painted minis to throw at adventuring parties at their fingertips. Orcs are common monsters to find lurking around dungeons, so the variety of minis is very welcome. These aren’t always just standard orcs though, each with some lore and logic behind them – making them tougher or more dangerous for adventurers. Regardless of how you choose to use them, the Orc Warband miniatures will bring future combats more to life!

(Editor’s Note: The Icons of the Realms Orc Warband was provided to us by Asmodee for the review. The set is currently available from local board game stores! Find your local store here.)