XGIMI Reveals Three Day Projector Flash Sale

In honor of Easter, XGIMI revealed a three day flash sale on their MoGo, MoGo Pro and Halo projectors.

Those interested will be able to get their entry level MoGo projector for $299 (normally $499). MoGo boasts a 540P picture, 210 lumens, Android 9.0, 2.5 hours of battery power and sound by Harman Kardon.

If that isn’t enough, the step up, MoGo Pro, is $449 (normally $549) with promo code 2021EASTER. This model brings the resolution up to 1080p, increases the lumens to 300 and bumps the battery life to 4 hours.

Finally, those looking for a far more refined experience can buy Halo for $699 (normally $799) with promo code 2021EASTER. Here you can expect 800 lumens and a much better cinematic experience as a result, without compromising on other features.

Those interested should act fast as the Halo and MoGo Pro sale will end on March 28. As for MoGo, that will end on Easter, April 5, or until XGIMI runs out.