WWE 2K19 Servers Will Remain Up Until 2021

Usually 2K Games shuts down servers for WWE games after two or less years. This won’t be the case for WWE 2K19 though.

Fans of WWE 2K19 will be happy to know that the online servers for the game will remain up for the time being. They won’t be shut down until at least late 2021.

2K Games made an announcement on this topic via the official WWE 2K Facebook page. They said the following.

“As you know, we have sunset support for 2K19 Road to Glory and Online Towers. However, in appreciation for our loyal community, we will continue to support all other WWE 2K19 modes (specifically matchmaking servers and Community Creations) until the launch of the next WWE 2K sim title.

This means the game’s servers will be up until the launch of WWE 2K22. This is because WWE 2K21 is not coming out this year. Instead, 2K is releasing the spinoff title WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

Another reason the servers are still up is because a lot of players don’t like to play WWE 2K20. Even though the game is newer, it was very unpopular because it was very buggy and glitchy.