Dragon Quest Builders 2 final update detailed; Launches August 20 in Japan

Square Enix announced today during a special live stream that Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be getting its final update on August 20 in Japan.

On August 20, players who have Dragon Quest Builders 2 will have access to the following new features:

Save Data Slots
– there will be three data slots

Their Epilogue
– By meeting the following requirements, a letter will appear in the mail. Once read, Their Epilogue will begin
1. Achieve 45 builder recipes
2. Cleared the item check events for acquiring infinite materials on all Explorer’s Shores.
3. Visited a Buildertopia at least once

NEW Hairstyles
– Four new “Villager Hair” styles will be added for both genders. Unlock and complete first the “Let’s Make a Room for the Villagers” builder recipe.

Weather Changes
– Specific items like “Clear Card,” “Cloudy Card,” “Rain Card,” “Snow Card,” and “Storm Card,” can alter the weather of the Isle of the Awakening. As soon as you obtain the “Builder’s Eye” by completing all builder recipes, talk to the glowing Hammerhood to get an idea for a recipe, which will then allow you to create the cards of the Magic Workstation.)

Hero’s Flag
– It’s a system where if you hold the attack button, nearby villagers follow the protagonist. With this update, villagers other than soldiers will also follow along.

Save up to Three Buildertopias
– You can unlock this when a certain letter arrives in the mail during the epilogue.

Miscellaneous Updates:
– The number of rooms on an island will now be displayed in the menu screen
– Natural growth of Vegetation can now be turned on or off in the “Settings” screen
– Builder’s Eye cursor movement can now be chosen from the three speeds in the “Settings” screen
– There will be arrows shooting which way a villager is using an item on the guidelines of items which have direction
– Improved control stability and fixed some bugs

In addition to the updates, Square Enix also revealed that the worldwide shipments of Dragon Quest Builders 2 have topped 1.1 million units.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is available now for PS4 and Switch.

Check out the full stream below: