Dead or Alive 6 Guide – How to make money fast

One of the cool features of Dead or Alive 6 is the ability to purchase items through the use of the in-game currency called Player Points. The item that players get to buy with the points they earn varies from alternate costumes each of the character can wear in the game.

With so many items that you can buy in-game, it’s imperative that everyone of you learn on how to make money fast. The more in-game currency you have, the more chances you get to buy everything in the game. Luckily, we got you covered as we are here to tell you on how to make money fast in the game.

Dead or Alive 6 Make Money Fast

1. Do Quests
The easiest way to grind for player points in Dead or Alive 6 is through quests. Whenever you are bored from the game, take the time to do the quests that are available as it’s the only way to get player points fast. Make sure that you complete all three challenges to earn various bonuses. Just by simply finishing the quest and the challenges can net you thousand of points easily.

2. Combo Challenges
Another way to grind for player points is through the combo challenges. In each character that are playable in Dead or Alive 6, players can participate in doing the combo challenge for each of them. For veterans of the fighting game genre, a full combo challenge for each character can give you a total of 4250 points. It’s not the most easiest way but it’s effective if you take the time to complete all of the challenges.

3. Online/Offline Matches
Probably the most slowest method in obtaining player points is through public and private matches. Whenever you do an online match or play privately with friends, you will earn some points but it’s definitely not the fastest available.

From the three methods listed on this guide, the fastest one that can get you thousands of player points is by doing quests and doing combo challenges.

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