Dead or Alive 6 Guide – How to Unlock Costumes

Arguably the best part of Dead or Alive 6 is the number of unlockable items. With a handful of costumes, each with various colors and accessories, it can be a fun, yet frustrating, task trying to unlock them all. A lot of this is due to Dead or Alive 6 not explaining how to actually unlock said costumes. Thankfully, it isn’t that hard.

The main two ways to unlock costume parts are to finish DoA Quests and playing online ranked matches. The former will yield a lot more, at the cost of it being finite and you must finish all three tasks to unlock it. Naturally, the trick to unlocking them is to focus on doing the hardest task, even if that means doing the tutorial.

So, even if you’re no good at doing holds or throws, by figuring out the best way to cheese it, you can be successful. Most times the deciding factor isn’t a lack of skill, as much as simply doing the wrong thing. For instance, kicks and punches have different hold commands, so it isn’t enough to spam a specific range, your grab must be the same type and range to be successful. Once you master this, you can honestly spam attacks and be fine. Also, if an oddly specific task comes up, the AI will be coded to do it more often. This is because DoA Quest is less about tasking your skills and more about giving you an idea of how these things play out in a real setting.

Since DoA Quest will not get you all the way there, the rest will fall on online. Sadly, since this is a dynamic setting, there is no strategy to succeed. However, the best advice I can give is to be unpredictable and stick to the fundamentals. If you expect them to give two straight punches, simply block one and grab the other. Then the second time they attack, block and throw. By doing different things you might not win but it will make it less likely for you to lose/take damage