Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide – What it Takes to 100% Complete the Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers a lot of unique challenges and content that may take tons of hours for fans to finish. As revealed before release, finishing the story missions alone may take up to sixty hours and that doesn’t include doing sidequests and completing the game 100%.

Since many are completionists and wanting to do everything in the game to get that Platinum Trophy or last achievement, it will take a lot of effort and patience as there are plethora of mini-sidequests that need to be completed. These vary from completing the Compedium, hunting all animals, fully maxing the characters and finding all collectibles.

Well, for those needing a check list to see what it takes to 100% complete the game, we got the lists for you:

Missions and Events

  • Complete all story missions and finish the game
  • Complete 10 Stranger Missions
  • Complete 5 Sheriff Bounties
  • Complete 25 Chance Encounters
  • Complete 1 Gang Ambush
  • Find and capture all 6 Gang Hideouts


  • Discover 50 Animals
  • Obtain 10 Pieces of Equipment
  • Discover 10 Species of Fish
  • Encounter all 6 Enemy Gangs
  • Discover 10 Breeds of Horse
  • Collect 20 Wild Plants
  • Use 48/59 Different Weapon Types


  • Find 1 Point of Interest
  • Find 9 Grave Sites After Completing the Story
  • Collect 1 Cigarette Card Set
  • Find 30 Dinosaur Bones
  • Catch all Legendary Fish
  • Find all Exotic Flora and Fauna
  • Find 10 Rock Carvings
  • Complete Hunting Requests
  • Complete 1 Treasure Hunting Chain
  • Find all 20 Dreamcatchers


  • Miscellaneous
  • Find 5 Shacks
  • Kill 5 Legendary Animals
  • Play 1 Game of Each Table Game
  • Interact with 5 Ranters and Ravers
  • Take 1 Bath
  • Watch 1 Show
  • Visit 1 Theater


  • Reach Maximum Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye
  • Reach Maximum Horse Bonding Level

Among the list above, probably the hardest and most time consuming is completing the compedium. As fifty animals are a lot and that requires you to scour the whole map. Not to mention discovering ten breeds of horses will be time consuming as well. But then – once you have that 100% completion, it will make you feel good.