Naughty Dog Confirms The Last of Us Has Sold Over 17 Million Copies

While Naughty Dog is preparing for the release of The Last of Us 2 on PS4, the developer has now shared the number of people that have played the original game. It’s a huge number!

Naughty Dog posted the following announcement over on their official Twitter account: “Today is the 5th Anniversary of The Last of Us’ release. Over 17 million of you have taken this journey with us and your love, support, and fandom for these characters and their story has been incredible. We can’t wait to continue it with Part II.

The 17 million copies sold was as of April 2018 so the number could be even higher now. Presumably, the number accounts for both the original PS3 release as well as the PS4 remaster that came out a year later.

There’s still no release date for The Last of Us 2, but it’s possible it should be out in 2019 exclusively for the PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles.