Detroit: Become Human Guide: How To Get Clothes And Money For Kara And Alice

One of the earliest missions in Detroit: Become Human is finding some shelter for Kara and Alice after they run away from home. Living on the streets is never easy while you are on the run.

At this point of the game, Kara knows that Alice is feeling cold and wet from the rain so the two of them need $40 to find shelter inside of a motel. The problem is that they don’t have $40.

Another issue they have is that all of their clothes is wet from the rain. They will need to get some fresh new clothes or else Alice is going to get sick.

Anyway, the first thing you have to do is find dry clothes and you get this by visiting a laundromat. Luckily, there is one sleepy guy in the building and Kara will need to steal his clothes to get it. Alice may not like your methods, but stealing is the easiest way to feel warm.

All you need to do to steal the clothes is to approach the sleepy man and successfully follow the quick time events. You need to be 100 percent accurate, or else the man will wake up and you will lose your chance of getting his clothes.

If you steal his clothes successfully, then a cutscene will ensue with Kara and Alice back on the street but with new clothes. After that,  you will need to find a convenience store (Kwik E Mart) in order to steal money.

The convenience store should be located on the other side of town and shouldn’t be that hard to find. You should see the store owner looking at the security monitors behind the counter.

In order to distract him from the counter, you will need to approach Alice and ask her to knock down some cans in the middle of the store. The owner will leave his position so you can quickly go to the cash register to steal the $40 you need to stay at the motel. Again, stealing makes Alice uncomfortable, but it’s the easiest way to get the money.

After you run away, the owner cannot catch you so you can go to the motel and get a nice room to stay for the night. This should end the chapter and make both Kara and Alice very happy.