Detroit: Become Human Guide: How To Get Some Early Bad Endings

Detroit: Become Human is far from a linear game because you can choose to make bad things happen to each of the characters. The multiple endings allow you to get many bad endings, but this guide will teach you the some of the earliest moments you can fail.

Bear in mind, many spoilers will follow in this Detroit: Become Human so only read this if you have played the game for yourself at least once.

Bad Ending for Connor: You can “kill” Connor multiple times in the story simply by failing QTEs. He usually gets shot to death, or in one instance he falls off a building. Usually he gets replaced by a newer model for a different chapter, but eventually Amanda pulls Connor off the case and he never gets a chance to investigate any further.

Early Bad Endings for Kara: There are actually multiple ways for Kara to die early and that’s in the house when she’s told to stay still be the abusive father character. Another way to get a bad ending is at Zlako’s house. Do absolutely nothing for 10 minutes inside Zlatko’s house and Kara’s memory will be wiped therefore spelling doom for herself and Alice.

Early Bad Ending for Markus: The earliest route I found to get Markus’ bad ending is during the first Peaceful Protest March. If you choose not to be violent and stand your ground, the police will start shooting at Markus and his protesters. Whatever you do, keep choosing to stand your ground and eventually the police will shoot Markus to death.

These are just some of the bad endings we’ve encountered in the game so far. There are possibly other options too, so make sure to comment below if you found your own bad endings.