One of this Weeks Monster Hunter: World Event Quests Unlocks a New Piece of Armor

While today was filled with awesome announcements and shocking reveals, many players expected Monster Hunter: World‘s latest event quest, A Simple Task, to be our first encounter with the upcoming Deviljho. Sadly, we will likely hear more about that monster next week and A Simple Task is an event designed around making tempered monsters easier to farm, a different quest has a unique reward.

Those who do A Flash in the Pan can obtain a new material called Black Crystal Ticket. This new item can be taken to the blacksmith to craft a pair of Shadow Shades α.

While not officially a reference to Albert Wesker, many fans are already calling them that. In addition to looking cool and like one of Capcom’s greatest antagonists, they offer decent resistance against fire, thunder and ice, along with stun resistance level one and three level one decoration slots. In all and all, not a terrible item for running an easy event a couple times.