PSA: Monster Hunter: World’s Current Event is the Best Place to Earn Crowns

Monster Hunter: World’s worst trophy/achievement, be it literal or just guild card, is collecting every gold crown. Historically, certain factors increased the likelihood of a mission having a crown, such as number of faints, rank, type of mission and so forth. While fans certainly believe these have an impact on it, such as optional quests supposedly having no chance of having one, events are proving to be the best way to earn crowns.

Similar to last weeks Deep Green Blues, the latest, Wildspire Bolero, is handing out crowns for Kulu-Ya-Ku, Barroth, Jyuratodus, Rathian and Diablos. This includes both large and small crowns, making it the ideal spot to, if nothing else, knock these monsters out.

Those looking to maximize their time/effort should stick to solo and focus on killing monsters that you need. This is more important if you get both the small and large crown for Diablos and Rathian, since it takes time/kills for them to appear and you’re better off returning than finishing the mission.

Once you get it down to one or two monsters, the best way to handle them is to size check them. This is best done by comparing your size to the monsters and determining if they’re large or small enough to justify fighting. One you can confirm one size is incorrect, start looking for bigger/smaller until it eventually works. Going off them looking really small or large also works, although not as accurate/reliable. Don’t forget the Street Fighter V arena fight awards a large Barroth crown, so if you only need that, I would suggest doing that quest.

Finally, next week there is Coral Waltz and that looks like it will work the same way for Coral Highlands. Unfortunately, the week after doesn’t seem to have any having a way to farm roughly half the monster crowns is better than chasing after all of them.