Trion Removes $100 Loot Box Option In Rift Due To Negative Feedback

Loot boxes are very unpopular and many people hate how it encourages gambling. Trion tried to sneak in a $100 loot box in the game Rift, but their plan failed.

People online saw something called a Orphiel’s Mount Crate for a whopping $99.99 in Rift. Obviously this did not go well with fans and people raged on Reddit and other places online.

Rion has now backtracked and removed this option from the game. They posted the message down below on the official forum pages.

The Orphiel’s Mount Crate has been removed from the RIFT store – we listened to feedback, met internally to discuss and decided to pull it. There are a TON of other great things going on for Fae Yule though, and folks seem to be enjoying them. =)

I can’t speak for all the game design requests in this thread, other than to say that RIFT Dev is constantly evaluating and reviewing projects. We’re all working toward getting things wrapped up before the holiday break (Trion kindly gives us the days off between Christmas and New Year’s), so I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of new communication until January.

Developers and publishers have to think twice about putting loot boxes in video games. EA paid a hard price as Star Wars Battlefront 2 sold less copies than the previous game due to the controversy.