E3 2017: Outcast – Second Contact is a Loving Remake of the Beloved Classic

One of the issues with innovating is that it doesn’t age well. Sure, the idea, execution or whatever is great, but it’s often great for the time. This is somewhat true for Outcast, a beloved open-world, third-person shooter. With this in mind, Outcast – Second Contact hopes to remake this classic in hopes of getting another generation to fall in love with it.

Right off the bat, it’s clear Outcast – Second Contact looks to honor the original. Not only did they seek out the original team for help and information, at least one of them is on the team. From there, the graphics were improved, leading to a more modern experience, along with new controls, including a dodge roll.

Despite trying to offer a more modern experience, the demo looked very rigid and simple. Based off the demo, Outcast – Second Contact looks to be closer to the original with a fresh coat of paint, over a full remake. Fans of the original might appreciate this choice, but newcomers probably won’t.