E3 2017: Matterfall Looks to be Another Solid Title for Housemarque

Matterfall might look like a simple game, but it has a surprising amount of depth, based on the E3 demo anyway.

The demo lets players experience two levels and a boss fight. The first level if there to teach players how to play, as it uses some weird controls (R1 is jump) and some unusual mechanics (sliding and doing certain moves makes enemies weaker and blocks attacks).

After getting the hang of it, Matterfall quickly ramps up the difficulty, forcing players to get creative. It isn’t enough to just aim or use the right weapon, you need to disable threats, detonate attacks and pay attention to the little things. This makes the learning curve seem a bit steep, especially for the boss fight, but nothing too hard to master.

That being said, the demo wasn’t perfect either. There were a number of sound glitches, which will ideally be fixed in later versions. The included boss fight is also fairly long, especially once it got down to low health. Ideally better tools, resources or balancing will be applied so there is a better balance between letting the boss have power and making the boss overpowered.