E3 2017: Dissidia NT Adds New Paint to a Similar Body

Dissidia was never quite the game fans wanted it to be. While it combined various characters, locations and summons from Final Fantasy’s long history, it was always a fairly straightforward game. Based off the E3 demo, the same is true, but it isn’t all bad either.

The brief demo allows players to pick their favorite main character from a previous title and one of five or so summons. A three versus three match loads and players can fight.

One nice touch is the ability to send quick messages before the match starts. These are simple things like, I’m going after player three or good luck everyone, but these things can add a bit to online multiplayer.

As for combat, Dissidia NT has some unconventional controls and will likely take some time to master. Having said that, the combat might be fairly simple, at least in the general sense, but characters have a lot of force. A couple of hits sent my opponent flying. Signature moves and other things were also included, allowing the characters to feel like homages over reskins.

No telling how Dissidia NT will shape up in its final form, but for now you might want to be cautiously optimistic, unless you enjoyed the originals.