Star Citizen 2.6 – The Basic FPS Controls (Tutorial)

star citizen star marine

Here is a quick video tutorial for first person combat and movement for Star Citizen 2.6.

The video mostly focuses on the keys you’ll be needing for Star Marine and getting out and about in the verse on foot. It also features a few extra things not to do while in Star Marine, including how not to enter a gravitated area from zero-g. A few things such as leaderboards and how to exit a bed/chair in the PU is also discussed to help remove that annoyance from gamers lives.

While this is aimed at those new to the game but it should also to help those whom have already played gain those last few helping hints and tips for better combat.

Controls Shows

Press F – Interact
Press G – Throw Grenade
Press 1/2/3 – Cycle Weapons
Press V – Heal
Press X – Go Prone
Press CTRL – Crouch
Hold F – Exit Bed/Chair
Hold F1 – Leaderboard
Press F4 – Cycle Cameras
LMB/RMB (When Dead) – Cycle Player The Camera Follows (Whom You Ghost)

In Zero-G

Press/Hold A left
Press/Hold D Right
Press/Hold W Forward
Press/Hold S Backwards
Press/Hold Q Anti-Clockwise Turn
Press/Hold E Clockwise Turn