Guns Up! Instantly Available On PlayStation 4 & In-Game Currency Code Released

Guns Up PS4

At PlayStation Experience 2015, Sony announced that Guns Up! an action packed strategy title would be instantly available on PlayStation 4.

Guns Up! is a free to play title in which you build defenses and then march armies into battle against other players around the world or against hordes of AI troops. There are already two ways to get ahead in the action. Sony has released a code which will apparently work until December 2018 or at least as long as “supplies last”. Use the code R3MK-K7NC-NCAF to receive a quick 100 Gold, the in game currency of Guns Up!

Furthermore, if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you are able to get your hands on content to help you start out in the shape of a free exclusive bundle which includes:

• 5 Rare Card Packs
• 50 Attack XP Boost
• 50 Attack Munitions Boost
• 50 Attack Card Boost
• 5 Attack Ranger Unit Rental
• 5 Attack Rocket Launcher Rental