Newly Discovered Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Bug Lets You Traverse Out-of-Bounds

ffxv outside borders

With the release of Episode Duscae and so many console owners feverishly playing it to get that first taste of Final Fantasy XV, it was inevitable that people would find ways to get outside of the limited scope developers had in mind for Episode Duscae.

In just a couple of simple steps, it’s possible to get positioned outside of the demo’s borders and explore more of the world through the creative use of cars on the street. It’s only a couple of steps but could take some practice to execute properly. Once you reach the border, run in front of a car that’s heading to pass through the border. By sprinting and jumping at the right time, the car should push Noctis through the barrier so he can explore more freely. A video by Youtube user S73W4R7, among the first to document the glitch’s existence, shows this in action.

Two other Youtube users have posted similar videos, showing some of the unfinished environments that Noctis can explore around. As a word of precaution, it is not recommended that you save or use the camp menu while outside the game’s intended borders. Doing so may cause irreparable harm to the saved data for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae.