DLC Pricing Unveiled For Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

p4au margaret anime

Despite having more than just a modest roster of fighting lads (and ladies), Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is bringing the pain with a few more characters available right near launch.

For starters, both Marie and Adachi will be available as ‘FreeLC,’ a term coined by ATLUS themselves; that is to say they’ll be available for free until October 7th. That same day Margaret, the ‘Sadistic Stud-Keeping Secretary’ of the Velvet Room will be available. All three characters (including Marie/Adachi once they revert to paid DLC status) will be available for $4.99 a piece in North America.

Other DLC includes:

Complete P4A Story — $9.99
Glasses Packs — $1.99 each, or $5.99 full set
Additional Colors — $1.99 each, or $5.99 full set
Navigator Voices — $2.99 each, various set prices. Yosuke, Teddie, Aigis, Nanako, Mitsuru, Adachi, and Fuuka will be available Sept. 30, rest of the cast available on Oct. 7
And more to come!

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be hitting store shelves (and digital downloads) in North America on September 30th for $59.99. Be sure to check back next week for our hands-on review!