PSN Down A Day Early Amid Hacking Claims

lizardsquad ddos

Sony’s Playstation Network has been taken down prematurely ahead of its scheduled Monday maintenance. Hacker group Lizard Squad has taken responsibility for this DDoS (Direct Denial of Service) attack that has hit not only PSN but other gaming companies as well.

According to Shacknews, the target that crippled Sony’s servers today wasn’t limited to just the one company. Battle.Net, Riot Games, and Path of Exile were also targeted but PSN’s outage remains the only one to still be disabled. The hacker group LizardSquad sent out numerous tweets announcing their plans to cripple the various networks since Saturday night. Later reports are claiming the attacks originated from a Twitter user by the name of FamedGod.

ddos famedgod

Currently no data on Sony’s servers has been breached, as the attacks have been limited to simply bottlenecking the PSN and greatly impacting usability.

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