SoulCalibur II HD Online Patch Notes Revealed

sc ii hd online

An upcoming new patch will be released shortly for SoulCalibur II HD Online.

Here are the official patch notes for SoulCalibur II HD Online:

Online Matching service improvements:

* Improved matching filters. Players will now have the choice to search an opponent depending on his region.
Available region are: “North America”, “South America”, “Europe”, “Asia” and “ANY”.
ANY do not means all regions. ANY means all regions except “North America”, “South America”, “Europe”, and “Asia”.
* Online matching search settings are now saved until the console is rebooted.
* Rematch option can now be chosen during Online Free Match mode. The option have to be activated when player creates the game.
* Communication quality meter is now displayed along the fight next to opponent’s ID.

Fixed historical known bugs of the original SoulCalibur II PAL version released 10 years ago:

* Cervantes crash bug from Arcade Version has been fixed
Cervantes A+K (Guard Impact)
* Fixed bugs on several characters
Ivy 4A+B → B cannot be guard > Fixed
Maxi’s 3B+K → B hits twice > Fixed
Voldo’s “Mantis Fire Dance”. Mantis Crawl => 66 is cancelled by pressing G while command is performed > Fixed
Kilik’s K is hit, it can be cancelled by pressing G > Fixed

The new update for SoulCalibur II HD Online should be available soon after you read this. Just check next time you boot up your Xbox 360 or PS3 console in order to download it.