Demon Gaze Character Screenshots Revealed


NIS America has revealed character screenshots and the box art for Demon Gaze.

Demon Gaze is a dugeon crawling RPG that will be released exclusively for the PS Vita. The game will be out April 22nd in North America and April 25th in Europe. Both retail and digital copies of the game will be available.

Check out the character descriptions for Demon Gaze below:

Lezerem Rantile – A frivolous elf who runs the item shop. He can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble — or in his clothes once he’s drunk.

Kukure – The self-proclaimed stylist at the inn. He looks like a child, but is actually a full grown Migmy. He’s picky when it comes to the female body, especially the posterior.

Fran Pendoll – The beautiful, young manager of the Dragon Princess Inn who’s somewhat of a tightwad, though she says she’s it’s because she’s working on a mission.

Lancelorna Beowulf – She’s got an Evil Eye, similar to the main character. After retiring as a mercenary for mysterious reasons, she now looks after the main character.

Prometh – A mysterious mortician girl who lives in the inn’s basement. She loves herself some skulls!

Pinay – A Ney girl with boundless energy who lives at the Dragon Princess Inn. She also might have another side to her…

Check out the screenshots below: