Two Tribes Teases Wii U Announcement This Week

Two Tribes

Two Tribes is a developer that is most well known for the Toki Tori games. However, they recently announced that they were closing down, but were opening a new internal studio to work on their next game. Now, they have possibly teased when that game might be revealed.

Two Tribes uses their official Twitter page to say:

This week @KnapNokGames, @GaijinGames, @BlackForestTeam, @WayForward and @TwoTribesGames have something pretty nice coming for Wii U owners!

The question now is whether they are collaborating on some sort of game, or they know that all will be revealing something this week, which could come in a the form of a Nintendo Direct or something. Or could it be something much less awesome? The timing does seem fitting for a Nintendo Direct, either before or after the restructuring business meetings later this week.

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