The Wolf Among Us – Episode 1: Faith Review

The Wolf Among Us (1)

Telltale Games is becoming synonymous with quality based on their recent track record with games like The Walking Dead, which was based on the series of comics rather than the hit television series. This time around they have partnered once again with Warner Bros. to bring an episodic telling of the Fables comic book series with The Wolf Among Us.

Is The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 the fairest one of all or just a big bad game? Let’s find out as we look at the best and worth qualities of the game.


Beautiful Noir Style
The first thing you will notice once you start playing is the very unique cel-shaded art style, which makes it look almost as if the comic books have leapt off the page. It’s not only the art either, but also the lighting used throughout that creates a very noir feel. This is perfectly fitting for a game full of mysteries and suspense, which harkens back to an age far gone.

The Wolf Among Us (2)

Familiar Faces
Through the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, you will run into many characters that should look familiar to you, or at the least you will recognize them once you hear their name. From the protagonist Bigby Wolf, the humanized version of the Big Bag Wolf, to more obscure fairytale characters like Grendel, there is far from a lack of references. There are even little neat somewhat hidden references you can find, such as looking at the apartment directory for Bigby’s apartment building in the lobby. You will see names like Horner and B. Blue, which everyone may not find, but is a pretty cool addition for the Easter egg hunting gamers.

Enriched Canon Universe
Prior to playing this game, I had never read any of the Fables comics, and honestly did not know much of anything about them outside of the name. I was very intrigued to find out that the line of comics is actually in canon with this game as it makes the universe that much richer in backstory. After only playing the first episode, I really want to go read some of the comics.

The Wolf Among Us (3)

Luckily, for those that don’t feel like delving into the full Fables universe, The Wolf Among Us gives us what they call the Book of Fables. As you meet new characters in each episode, it will add them to the Book of Fables with much more background information than is given in the game itself. In addition to characters, you also get descriptions of some locations such as Fabletown and The Farm.