War Of The Vikings Released On Steam Early Access

war_of_the_vikings_gamescom_screen_2Paradox Interactive has just released War of the Vikings onto Steam via the Early Access feature.

War of the Vikings is the second title in Fatshark’s medieval combat series coming after the release of War of the Roses last year. The game which focuses on close quarters combat is a multiplayer experience that puts players in control of individual troops on a team based battlefield. The Early Access feature on Steam allows gamers to buy the title now, enabling them to play the game through its development and receiving the full game when it officially launches.

Gordon Van Dyke, Executive Producer of the War franchise had this to say on the game and the Steam feature;

“After the first well-received War of the Vikings Alpha we began planning for the next phase and explored all options available to us. We already knew we wanted to do another public Alpha and Beta, and we’d planned to offer pre-orders. After consideration, it was a no-brainer to go with Steam Early Access and kill two birds with one axe, and give our community ample opportunity to help shape the final product.”

War of the Viking can be purchased for £14.99/$19.99 via Steam now from the Early Access page.