Grand Theft Auto Online update aims to prevent cash farming

Grand Theft Auto Online

Since it’s launch last week, Grand Theft Auto Online has received a few updates to fix problems that have arisen. Today, Rockstar Games has once again released a new patch, that according to Examiner, prevents an exploit that people were taking advantage of as well as fixing some other issues.

One of the biggest exploits in the game has been cash farming through missions like Violent Duct, which originally gave $9,000, but post patch only gives $3,000. They also removed the ability to replay missions that are given by contacts. The previous patch removed the replay ability, but there were still some ways to work around it to replay some missions.

The other issue that is said to have been at least somewhat fixed is the information we brought you recently about character deletion and lost progress, which Rockstar had said was as a result of playing when the cloud services were down.

Rockstar has not released an official rundown of what this patch changed, so we can’t say for sure if they fixed everything involving this or if they also made some other changes. These are the changes reported by gamers who have played since the patch went live earlier today. If there are more details released on this patch with other changes, we will bring you that information at that time.