Final Fantasy XIV new hotfix adds more tomestone in dungeons

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn (1)

The next time you play Final Fantasy XIV, you will see slight changes due to the hotfixes recently implemented in the game.

As soon as you download the small patch the next time you play Final Fantasy XIV, one of the changes that you will actually see, if you are level 50, is the amount of tomestones that certain dungeons drop. Players who are looking for another dungeon to farm Tomestone of Philosophy will no longer have to do endless grinds in CM as Amdapor Keep now gives out 100 Tomestones of Philosopy, opposed to the original 80 before the hotfix. In terms of Tomestone of Mythology, the amount it drops at certain instances like the Wanderer’s Palace and the two Primal HM battles have somewhat increased the payout of the tomestones.

In addition, those who are complaining of having no money whatsoever can now farm gil from running the four level 50 dungeons. Each of the enemies the group takes down now drops at least 30 gil. According to reports, each dungeon will give players at least 3,000 Gil, which isn’t bad compared to almost nothing prior to the hotfix.

For the full complete list of fixes and improvement, head over to the patch notes posted on the Official Square Enix forums.