Beyond: Two Souls Review


Beyond: Two Souls is the latest game from the creative mind of David Cage. His previous game called Heavy Rain was critically acclaimed thanks to its excellent storyline and unique gameplay. Beyond: Two Souls is similar to Heavy Rain in a lot of ways, although it adds elements of its own too to make the experience different.

Has David Cage managed to create another masterpiece? Is Beyond: Two Souls better than Heavy Rain? Find out as we take a look at the HOTs and NOTs of the game in our review.


Controlling A Ghost
With Heavy Rain, the game had a realistic setting as you were tasked to solve a series of kidnapping/murders. Beyond: Two Souls goes the supernatural route as Jodie Holmes (the main character) has a ghostly entity attached to her that is named Aiden. The best thing about Aiden is that he’s a ghost that becomes playable whenever you press the triangle button. Controlling Aiden is without a doubt the best feature of the entire game. Aiden can go through walls, move around objects, kill people and even take control of their bodies. Aiden does have some limitations since he cannot drift too far away from Jodie. Not to mention the game won’t allow you to freely do whatever you want with Aiden either. You normally have to explore around until you see a blue dot on the screen before you can control Aiden’s actions.

A Unique Premise
The premise of the entire game is unique since the journey that Jodie goes through isn’t what you normally see in a video game. This isn’t your usual hero’s journey where the main character has to save world by shooting and fighting through lots of bad guys. No, there’s something deeper about Beyond: Two Souls that makes it more intriguing than most other video game or movie out there. Players will have to experience Jodie’s life as a kid until adulthood where she has to find answers about Aiden, the world and even herself. As the player, you will help Jodie find these answers, but you will also get to see some of the hardships that she faces by having a ghostly figure by her side at all times.


Excellent And Unpredictable Storyline
Much like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls has an excellent and unpredictable storyline. I don’t want spoil too much of the story, but it’s gripping and exciting for the majority of the time. It’s one of the few games where you’ll actually care about the characters and start to feel sorry for them. You’ll also get angry at some of the actions of other characters in the game too. My mom and sister (who don’t play games) watched me play this game as they were hooked onto the story as well. When you have two non-video gamers interested in a video game, you know the story is of a high quality. Some may disagree with me, but I enjoyed this game’s story more than The Last of Us.

Multiple Endings And Replay Value
One of the things that make this game so enjoyable is the fact that there is a lot of replay value on offer here. If you only play the game once, you haven’t fully seen all of the other scenarios that could occur in the game. There are multiple decisions that you can make during each of the chapters that could lead to different outcomes. Exploring numerous outcomes you missed out before becomes really addictive once you unlock all of the chapters in the game. There are also (by my count) five different endings that you can view as well. I obviously won’t say much about the endings, but they are all entertaining to watch.

There are other incentives to play through the game more than once other than seeing the different outcomes unfold. You can also find and collect bonuses in each level that unlock goodies such as behind the scenes videos and more.