Pokemon: The Origin TV special continues to amaze in new trailer

Pokemon (8)

This will probably make me sound like a Pokemon fanboy, but I am way too excited for this TV special that is coming out just ahead of the release of latest games in the series, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. As a fan of the Pokemon franchise since first getting Pokemon Yellow, the first news of Pokemon: The Origin made me feel like a kid again. Now we have another trailer for the upcoming special with only a couple weeks until its airing.

Pokemon: The Origin is a retelling of the original Pokemon Red and Green in anime form. The special follows the protagonist Red as he journeys through the Kanto region. In the trailer we see Red squaring off against Brock in the Pewter City Gym as well as him seemingly fighting Green and Giovanni, though those could be not actually against Red due to cutaways in the shots. We also see glimpses of a certain generation one legendary that we all know and love.

Pokemon: The Origin will be airing on October 2. Check out the new trailer as well as a gallery of images from the upcoming special.”