Pokemon X and Pokemon Y gives Mewtwo two Mega Evolutions

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Over the last month or so we’ve been finding out more and more Pokemon that will be receiving Mega Evolutions in the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. For the first time, we have a twist with the forms. Coming from this month’s CoroCoro, we now know that Mewtwo will be receiving not just one, but two Mega Evolutions, based upon which version of Pokemon X or Pokemon Y that you get.

Having differences between the two versions of Pokemon coming out is nothing new as there is always a different list of Pokemon available in each, to where you need both to catch them all. The Mega Mewtwo form we have been seeing for awhile now is actually the Mega Mewtwo Y form that can be obtained in Pokemon Y with the item Mewtwonite Y. The new form we are now seeing for the first time is Mega Mewtwo X that can be gotten in Pokemon X through the use of Mewtwonite X. As we learned last week, you will also need an item known as the Mega Ring to transform to the Mega Evolution. Mega Mewtwo X is a Psychic and Fighting type Pokemon with the special ability Steadfast.

The last bit of Mega Evolution news from this month’s issue is the addition of one more Mega Pokemon, Garchomp. This fourth generation Pokemon seems to be a good fit with its new design for the Mega Evolution. With the game’s release just under a month away, we should be in the final stretch of Mega Evolution unveilings. The question remaining is how many more are left to unveil.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be available on October 12 worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS.