Final Fantasy XIV – Grand Companies Detailed


In Final Fantasy XIV, there are three military factions that protects Eorzea; the Maelstrom of Limsa Lominsa, the Immortal Flames of Ul’dah, and The Order of the Twin Adder of Gridania. These three factions are called Grand Companies in the game where you will be given a chance to enlist after reaching a certain point in the story.

As the story in A Realm Reborn unravels, the Scion will introduce you to the three Grand Companies where you will be given a choice to pick one. What you pick will be the one you will represent, although you can always change them if you need to. The benefit of joining Grand Companies is that it offers you the ability to take on exclusive missions that gives out interesting rewards. Those who have played other MMOs, the Grand Companies will also introduce some sort of a reputation system. For every mission that you complete, you will receive an item called “Seals” that you can collect. The more seals you get, the more possibilities for you unlock rewards since you can use them to redeem items at the participating Grand Company Hall.

Now, let’s get into more detailed discussions about Grand Companies.


You will find the three companies in the following cities:

The Order of the Twin Adder – Gridania (Adder’s Nest)
The Immortal Flames – Ul’dah (Hall of Flames)
The Maelstrom – Limsa Lominsa (Maelstrom Command)

Where to Get Seals?

Collecting “Seals” is one of the missions you will be doing when playing the game. In Final Fantasy XIV, there are a plethora of ways to get them.

Final Fantasy XIV - Grand Company 01

– Joining FATEs, also known as the World Event in the MMO community, will give you seals every time you finish it. In my playthrough, this is the easiest way to farm SEALs as it gives you 100-300 every time you complete them. Since FATEs always occur throughout Eorzea, you can form a FATE group and simply grind them. Aside from Seals, this is also the easiest way to farm for experience points.

Final Fantasy XIV - Grand Companies 02

– The more traditional way to farm for SEALs is through the Company Levequest. Think of this as the most boring way to farm them since you will be doing the same kind of missions every time. You can find the quest giver of Company levequest throughout Eorzea: The Twin Adder can be found in Hawthorne Hut, and Immortal Flames can be found in Camp Drybone. Just like in levequests mission, new missions get unlocked every five levels.

Redeeming Seals

Final Fantasy XIV - Grand Companies 03

– When you get a specific amount of seals, you can go to the Grand Company hall that you chose to redeem them and find the Quartermaster NPC. As you can see in the picture above, different ranks give out different sets of rewards.

Ranking Up in Grand Company

Final Fantasy XIV - Grand Company 04

– Just like in Military, you will have an opportunity to get a promotion in the Grand Company you chose. To get promoted, you will need to spend the Seals that you receive while participating in FATEs and doing company missions. Talk to the Personal Officer in your respective Grand Company hall to find out how many seals you need.

– As you progress through higher ranks, you will need to complete the hunting log for the Grand Company you chose.

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