Rumor: Sony Planning To Release PS Vita Redesign

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The Magic Box has reported that a Japanese newspaper noted Sony is planning to release a new PS Vita model.

The newspaper is called Tokyo Keizai and it says that Sony will reveal an all-new PS Vita model sometime in September during the Tokyo Games Show.

Things to note about the redesign is that the screen size will be increased to 6.3 inches, but the resolution remains at 960 x 554 pixels. The RAM will be 1GB as opposed to the current 512MB and the design will be more in line to the PS4 console.

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. However, Sony do need to do something to entice people to buy more PS Vita consoles…

6 thoughts on “Rumor: Sony Planning To Release PS Vita Redesign

  1. This won’t entice people to buy a new one. It’ll just piss off people who were early adopters of the original console (such as myself, who loves the living hell out of this system!!)

  2. Unless SONY decided to bring major AAA titles to new ps vita & I mean MAJOR TRIPLE A TITLES. I guess SONY already convince those developers what they have in store for that new vita.

  3. I really hope they don’t do this because like Desfunk said, I will be pissed for having the original model.

  4. I would really be pissed if sony increases the RAM and leaves us with 512 mb .
    Fuck you sony :@

  5. Really??? Sony can’t update a device that was released nearly 2 years ago, December 2012, in Japan. I guess all those iPad, iPhone, and iPod users should be pissed off b/c each year Apple releases a better version. Get over yourself…so the f*ck what you were part of the early adapters, so am I, but progress moves forward retards.

  6. That would be awesome if true. I have the original Vita and I think going to 1gb of RAM is an absolute necessity as my Dragon’s Crown become sluggish as soon as there is 8 enemies on the screen. The confusion resulting from this crowd made me want to have a bigger screen for the Vita. And as if I touched Aladdin’s lamp, my wishes were satisfied at the lecture of this article. Please Sony DO IT!! JUST DO IT!!!

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